Creating scholarship, learning and career advancement opportunities.

Creating scholarship, learning and career advancement opportunities.

Congratulations to the Finalists of the 2024 Media Plan Case Competition!


Dana Jones and Skylar Workman of Team BePINK! from Ball State University

Abby Jensen and Shelby Moore of Team Mediamasters from Brigham Young University

Kate Miller and Molly Fitzsimons of The Indexers from Ithaca College

Amirah Elliott and John Freeman of Team Media Evolution from La Salle University

Alex Spanos and Lorryn Mead of L.A Media Group from Adelphi University

Alison Reed and Grace Murphy of Team Roll Media from The University of Alabama

Stacia Drey of Iowa State University


Julia Provvisionato and Olivia Dumont of Kuft Media from Syracuse University

2023 Washington Media Scholars

Alexis Riesberg-Loras College, Kirsten Hamberg-Ithaca College, Claire McGinnity- Ithaca College, Ashley Urban-Syracuse University, Nicole Pullano-Syracuse University, Adriana Inés Rivera Rodríguez- Iowa State University, Megan Groathouse- Iowa State University, Katie Russell-Brigham Young University
Anthony Gonzalez-Western Governors University, Brady Spaulding-Ithaca College, Robby Zweesaardt-Ithaca College, Harrison Haycock- Brigham Young University

2022 Washington Media Scholars

Gabi Meyer – Brigham Young University, Maddilyn Seawell – Brigham Young University, Holden Shatouhy – Ithaca College, Linnea Carchedi – Ithaca College, Lexi Esterle – Ball State University, Ellie Flynn-Snider – Iowa State, Drew Wiltberger – Ball State University, Claire Vilmont – Iowa State, Shivam Vats – Temple University, Mia Iannucci – Temple University, Marta Dropping – Biola University, Trinity Klomparens – Patrick Henry College

2021 Washington Media Scholars

Selena Alvarado – Grand Valley State University, Colton Boyd – Iowa State University, Leah Busler – Union University, Elena Chang – Ithaca College, Richard Doyle – Grand Valley State University, Nervana Fadle – University of California Irvine, Yanelis Funez – Penn State University, Cheryl Garth – Lamar University, Joe Motluck – University of South Carolina, Danielle Popson – Union University, Shubham Saharan – Barnard College, Nicole Sonnier – Lamar University, Julianne Tippett – Carnegie Mellon University, Eve Washington – Columbia University, Lydia Wede – Iowa State University, Rachel Widder – West Texas A&M University

2020 Washington Media Scholars

James Bush – University of South Carolina, Kelsey Gallagher – Temple University, Avery Grundy – Iowa State University, Tyler Heizelman – Wichita State University, Steven Higgins – University of Notre Dame, Gretchen Hopkirk – University of Notre Dame, Kylie Kost – Iowa State University, Alexander Lai – Binghamton University, Jack Landess – University of South Carolina, Richard Park – Temple University, Annemarie Price – Stephen F. Austin State, Erik Zhao – Binghamton University

2019 Washington Media Scholars

Anderson University- Olivia Winslow, Brigham Young University- Andreia Benites and Cyler Horsley, Carroll College- Kelsie Watkins and Peri Dropping, Iowa State University- Elisabeth Balke and Ritika Agrawal, Ithaca College- Eden Dodge, Temple University- Raelie Mulvey and Jessica Mihalczo, University of South Carolina- Suzanne Green and Noah McGill

2018 Washington Media Scholars

Brigham Young University-Idaho- Sam Stephenson and Marcel Thelma, Iowa State University- Ashley Kirkpatrick and Lindsey Moor, Ithaca College- Ashley Cohen and Mary Stephenson, North Dakota State University/University of South Carolina- Marissa Kunerth and Allyssa Andrews, NOVA Southeastern University/University of Central Florida- Melanie Chapilliquen and Juan Castellanos, University of San Francisco- Laura Flores and Delvin Hodges

2017 Washington Media Scholars

Brigham Young University-Idaho- Shannon Doxey and McCauley Sprenkle, DePaul University- Elijah Bacerra and Cristina Alfano, Iowa State University- Mia Guion and Emily Belloma, Ithaca College- Carley Newman and Ella Sciocchetti, Roosevelt University/University of South Carolina- Matthew Spahr and Daniel Delgado, Texas Wesleyan University- Gracie Weger Coleman

2016 Washington Media Scholars

Brigham Young University-Idaho- Adam Hales and Chandler Miller, Concordia University, Saint Paul- Chris Arionus and Cydi Yang, Cornell University/Indiana University- Michal Pisarek and Bogdan Kaminyar, DePaul University- Edgar Castellanos and Danielle Cole, Indiana University- Alaina Milazzo and Megan Tackett, University of Central Florida/University of Florida- Steven Torres and Olga M. Trejos Kweyete

2015 Washington Media Scholars

Brigham Young University-Idaho- Becky Lyle and Alexandra Sorensen, Brigham Young University-Idaho- Jordan Powell and Josh Powell, California State University, Bakersfield- Ricardo Perez and Adrienne Salazar, DePaul University- Alexis Bugajski and Drew Dove, University of Notre Dame- Carolyn Murphy and Meaghan McKenna, University of South Alabama- Catherine Pitman and Kaley Rector

2014 Washington Media Scholars

Iowa State University- Alexis Nicholson and Claire Grabin, Ithaca College- Lauren E. Denecke and Sara E. Harmon, New York University- Anthony Sganga and Nita Lim, University of California, Berkley- Jeremy Wertz and Nick Gulino, University of Texas at Austin- Christopher Quintero and Miguel Zapata, Vanderbilt University- Queen Stevenson and Courtland Sutton

2013 Washington Media Scholars

Beloit College- Renee Gagner and Stephen Heinz, University of Notre Dame/Marist College- John McKissick and Caroline Crocco, Princeton University- Daniel Johnson and Joe Margolies, University of South Carolina- Christopher Molony and Elizabeth Aaron Pugh, University of Wisconsin-Madison- Devin Munger and Carol Tzu-Jou Wan; Nick Desien and Lindsay Gordon

2012 Washington Media Scholars

Baylor University- Hannah Adams, California State University, Fullerton- Amy Bates and Felicia Berger, Harvard University- Scott Reed, Ithaca College- Ryan Bince, Diana Cui, Alec Mitchell, Louisiana State University- Austin Matthews, University of Minnesota-Crookston- Scott Sundeen, University of Missouri- Devin Else, University of Nevada, Las Vegas- Maria Jose Flor Agreed and Jami Vallesteros, University of South Carolina- Madeline McDowell and Chris Beauregard

2011 Washington Media Scholars

Marshall University- Ashley Hesson and Morgan Miller, University of Montana- Sarah Dickmeyer and Nick Cast, University of Nevada-Las Vegas- Gregan Wingert and Laura Guidry, University of Virginia- Leeza Kuznestsova, Michelle Doty, and Robert Bui, Washington University in St. Louis- Pavi Anand, University of Wisconsin-Madison- Paige Helling and Dana Vielmetti

2010 Washington Media Scholars

Arizona State University- Reilly Carpenter and Daniel Miranda, Barry University- Enbar Cohen and Michael Worley, Indiana University- Danka Milic and Andrew Yolles, Massachusetts Institute of Technology- Victoria Lo and Eleni Orphanages, Michigan State University- Maria Bianchi and Laura Kovacek, University of Wisconsin-Madison- Dillon Lohmer and Roshni Nedugadi

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