Program Dates


Media Scholars Program

  • Registration OpensNov 14
  • Qualifying RoundNov 14 - Feb 11
  • Case CompetitionFeb 25 - Mar 27
  • Media Scholars WeekJun 7-12
  • Networking ReceptionJun 11

Media Fellows Program

  • Application DueJuly 15, 2015


This was the perfect opportunity to compound the knowledge I have gained from my academic background with a crash course in the skill set required to be a successful professional in the media industry.

-Elizabeth Aaron Pugh, University of South Carolina 2014


It’s all around a great learning experience and if you make it [to Media Scholars Week], you get to meet people that you never thought that you would meet this early on in your career.”

–- Leeza Kuznetsova, University of Virginia 2011

“I was able to get a good glimpse into the workings of a powerful and influential industry. The opportunities that you exposed us to were priceless.”

— -Daniel Miranda, Arizona State University 2010

“The opportunities and information I took home from Media Scholars Week cannot be found within a classroom.”

— -Dillon Lohmer, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2012

“The Washington Media Scholars program was a fantastic opportunity for me. Just working on the actual case allowed me to experience a section of political campaigns and media research that I had not really been aware of. I developed skills that were above and beyond what my academic experience had provided me with.”

Maria Bianchi, Michigan State University 2011

“The Washington Media Scholars Program is a great chance for students to combine theory with practice. For students to get access to some of the best minds in the business is simply an incredible opportunity.”

— -Ken Goldstein, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison