Program Dates


Media Scholars Program

  • Registration OpensNov 30
  • Qualifying RoundNov 30 - Feb 10
  • Case CompetitionFeb 17 - Mar 25
  • Media Scholars WeekJun 4-10
  • Networking ReceptionJun 9

Media Fellows Program

  • Application DueJul 14, 2016

Past Scholars

Winners of the 2015 National Excellence in Media Award

Adrienne Salazar and Ricardo Perez
California State University, Bakersfield

2015 Runner-up Team

Becky Lyle and Alexandra Sorenson
Brigham Young University – Idaho

2015 Media Scholars Finalists

Jordan Powell and Josh Powell
Brigham Young University – Idaho

Alexis Bugajski and Andrew Dove
DePaul University

Meaghan McKenna and Carolyn Murphy
University of Notre Dame

Catherine Pitman and Kaley Rector
University of South Alabama

Winners of the 2014 National Excellence in Media Award

Jeremy Wertz and Nick Gulino
University of California, Berkeley

2014 Runner-up Team

Lauren Denecke and Sara Harmon
Ithaca College

2014 Media Scholars Finalists

Alexis Nicholson and Claire Grabin
Iowa State University

Anthony Sganga and Nita Lim
New York University

Jeremy Wertz and Nick Gulino
University of California, Berkeley

Christopher Quintero and Miguel Zapata
University of Texas at Austin

Queen Stevenson and Courtland Sutton
Vanderbilt University

Winners of the 2013 National Excellence in Media Award

Devin Munger and Carol Wan
University of Wisconsin-Madison

2013 Runner-up Team

Daniel Johnson and Joe Margolies
Princeton University

2013 Media Scholars Finalists

Renee Gagner and Stephen Heinz
Beloit College

John McKissick, Notre Dame University and
Caroline Crocco, Marist College

Christopher Molony and Elizabeth Aaron Pugh
University of South Carolina

Nick Desien and Lindsay Gordon
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Qualified Finalist
Marisa Messina, Stanford University

Winners of the 2012 National Excellence in Media Award

Maria Jose Flor Agreda and Jami Vallesteros
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2012 Runner-up Team

Diana Cui, Ithaca College and
Scott Reed, Harvard University

2012 Media Scholars Finalists

Hannah Adams, Baylor University and
Devin Kelsey, University of Missouri

Amy Bates and Felicia Berger
California State University, Fullerton

Ryan Bince and Alec Mitchell
Ithaca College

Austin Matthews, Louisiana State University and
Scott Sundeen, University of Minnesota, Crookston

Chris Beauregard and Madeline McDowell
University of South Carolina

Winners of the 2011 National Excellence in Media Award

Paige Helling and Dana Vielmetti
University of Wisconsin-Madison

2011 Runner-up Team

Pavi Anand, Washington University in St. Louis and
Robert Bui, University of Virginia

2011 Media Scholars Finalists

Ashley Hesson and Morgan Miller
Marshall University

Sarah Dickmeyer and Nick Gast
University of Montana

Laura Guidry and Gregan Wingert
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Michelle Doty and Leeza Kuznetsova
University of Virginia

Winners of the 2010 National Excellence in Media Award

Maria Bianchi and Laura Kovacek
Michigan State University

2010 Media Scholars Finalists

Reilly Carpenter and Daniel Miranda
Arizona State University

Enbar Cohen and Michael Worley
Barry University

Danka Milic and Andrew Yolles
Indiana University

Victoria Lo and Eleni Orphanides
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dillon Lohmer and Roshni Nedungadi
University of Wisconsin-Madison